Polybutadiene Rubber

Synthetic Rubber

UBE’s synthetic rubber business manufactures and sells polybutadiene rubber (BR), which is one of typical rubbers and polymerized with a cobalt catalyst. At present, we have production plant in Japan and Thailand, with one of the largest production capacity in Asia.

UBE’s BR is used in vehicle tires and a wide range of other products, including golf balls, car parts, industrial parts, footwear, and polystyrene modifier. It is a well-trusted product used both in Japan and worldwide.

We also develop products using UBE’s proprietary manufacturing technologies to meet the various requirements of our customers.

1. Process Features

With UBE’s proprietary process technologies, it is easy to control the molecular weight, the degree of branching of molecular chains and molecular weight distribution of the BR. We also have technologies for producing composites of rubber and resin using special polymerization conditions.
Using these proprietary technologies, we commercialize and sell a diverse range of BR products.

2. UBE Product Features

  1. UBEPOL BR® (high-cis BR)
    UBEPOL BR® has attractive grades with superior physical properties such as abrasion resistance, rebound, tensile strength, heat build up, and grades with excellent processability such as mixing, roll banding, extrusion.
  2. UBEPOL VCR® (composite of rubber and resin)
    UBEPOL VCR® consists of high-cis BR and high-crystalline syndiotactic polybutadiene resin which is a special type of polymer alloy.
    UBEPOL VCR® can contribute to produce various advantages;
    • to increase hardness, modulus of rubber product without adding filler.
    • to reduce the volume or weight of rubber product by utilizing its reinforcing effect.
    • to improve extrusion properties (extrusion output and dimensional stability) and roll mill shrinkage.

The Features of UBEPOL BR® and UBEPOL VCR® for Rubber Applications

Product name Mooney
(ML1+4, 100°C )
UBEPOL BR® 150 43 98
  • Standard grade.
  • Superior balance of processability and physical properties.
130B 29 96
  • Low Mooney viscosity type of 150B.
  • Superior processability.
  • Most suitable for high loading of carbon black.
150B 40 97
  • High branching grade.
  • Superior processability.
  • Good open roll mill processability under high loading recipe
360B 47 98
  • High Mooney viscosity type of BR150B.
  • Superior balance of process-ability and physical properties (abrasion resistance and heat build-up)
150L 43 98
  • Low branching grade.
  • Superior physical properties; Excellent abrasion resistance, resilience and heat build-up.
360L 51 98
  • Higher Mooney viscosity type of BR150L.
  • Best abrasion resistance, resilience and heat build-up.
230 38 98
  • Broader molecular weight distribution type of BR150.
  • Superior mixing property and excellent balance between open roll mill processability and physical properties.
133P 35 98
  • Paraffinic oil extended grade. Oil content : 37.5phr.
  • Superior low temperature properties.
  • Suitable for high loading of filler.
UBEPOL VCR® 412 45 98*
  • Standard grade of UBEPOL VCR®
  • Superior extrusion and mill characteristics.
  • Easily enhance hardness and modulus.
617 62 98*
  • Special grade of UBEPOL VCR®.
  • Superior processability than VCR412
  • Higher hardness and modulus than VCR412.
450 39 98*
  • Broad molecular weight distribution type(Matrix BR).
  • Good balanced between characteristics of VCR and the physical properties of general BR.
800 40 98*
  • Broad molecular weight distribution type(Matrix BR).
  • Improve extrusion characteristics of VCR450.
cis-1,4 content of matrix polymer

The Features of UBEPOL BR® for resin improvement applications (HIPS)

Product name Mooney viscosity
(ML1+4, 100°C )
5% styrene
Solution viscosity
UBEPOL BR® 15HB 40 60
  • High cis BR for modified resin (HIPS).
  • Suitable for high impact application.

3. Applications

  • Tires for passenger cars, trucks, buses, construction machinery, motorcycles and bicycles.
  • Various industrial products such as polystyrene modifier, conveyor belts, hoses, rubber isolators and casters.
  • Commodities such as shoe soles and golf balls.


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