Waterborne polyurethane dispersions for UV curing coatings(UV-PUDs)

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UBE offers waterborne UV curing polyurethane dispersions(UV-PUDs)as raw materials for UV curing coatings. Waterborne UV curing coatings are more environmentally friendly and safer than solvent based paintings. UV-PUDs can be contribute to developing your products which have specific waterborne features including none flash point, low skin irritation, and so on.


  • Environmentally Friendly:water as a diluting agent
  • Easy Handling:Low viscosity of products
  • Excellent durability and chemical resistance:coatings with cross linking structure
  • Tack-Free before UV curing process

Recommended grades

Grade Solid content pH Ionicity Viscosity Characteristics
UVPUD-7107E 30% 8.0 Anionic 25mPa・s Flexibility
Water resistance
UVPUD-7105E-C2 30% 7.0 Anionic 15mPa・s
UVPUD-7502E 30% 8.5 Anionic 40mPa・s Tack free,
Chemical resistance
UVPUD-7009E 30% 8.0 Anionic 20mPa・s
UW-9102 30% 7.5 Anionic 20mPa・s Hardness,
Abrasion resistance
YS-105 30% 7.5 Anionic 20mPa・s

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