Waterborne polyurethane dispersions(PUDs)for steel surface treatment/PCM

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UBE offers waterborne polyurethane dispersions(PUDs)for steel surface treatment/PCM. The PUDs provide highly durable coatings with excellent corrosive resistance, chemical resistance, weathering resistance and hydrolysis resistance. The PUDs can be used for various steel plates such as hot-dip galvanized steel sheet(GI), electro-galvanized steel sheet(EG), hot-rolled steel sheet(SPH)and cold-rolled steel sheet(SPC).


  • High adhesion on various steel sheets
  • Excellent chemical resistance and corrosive resistance
  • Excellent weathering resistance and hydrolysis resistance

Recommended grades

Grade Solid content pH Ionicity Viscosity Characteristics
UW-5502 30% 8.5 Anionic 60mPa・s Chemical & Corrosive resistance
UW-3039E 30% 9.0 Anionic 50mPa・s Adhesiveness

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