Waterborne polyurethane dispersions(PUDs)for rubber coating

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UBE offers waterborne polyurethane dispersions(PUDs)for rubber coating agents. UBE's PUDs have excellent adhesion on various kinds of rubber material. The PUDs can be contribute to slidability and abrasion resistance. Furthermore, the polyurethane coatings have flexibility to the elongation and the contraction of the rubbers.


  • Excellent adhesion on rubbers such as EPDM, NBR, and NR
  • Durability against rubbing, weather, and water
  • Soft coating properties:high elongation and low elastic modulus

Recommended grades

Grade Solid content pH Ionicity Viscosity Characteristics
UW-1005E 30% 9.2 Anionic 33mPa・s Flexibility
UW-1527F 30% 8.5 Anionic 50mPa・s Adhesion

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