Waterborne polyurethane dispersions(PUDs)as modifiers for coatings and adhesives

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UBE's waterborne polyurethane dispersions(PUDs)can be used as modifiers for water-based coating agents and water-based adhesives. Addition of PUDs to the current products improves the durability of the coatings or adhesives. The PUDs can improve water resistance, heat and humidity resistance of plastics(PP etc.)coatings and adhesives.


  • Improvement of durability of the coatings by adding 5 to 15% of PUDs
  • Compatibility with various waterborne hardeners
  • Excellent compatibility with other water-based resins such as acrylic resin, olefin resin, polyester resin, vinyl chloride resin, nylon resin, epoxy resin, and phenol resin

Recommended grades

Grade Solid content pH Ionicity Viscosity Characteristics
UW-1005E 30% 9.2 anionic 33mPa・s Chemical resistance
UW-1013D-C1 33% 9.5 anionic 250mPa・s Water resistance

The above property is as reference and no grantee is implied.

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