Polyimide base Copper clad laminate

Product Summary

Upisel®-N is a non-adhesive-type flexible copper clad laminate that is based on our Upilex®-VT polyimide film. The base layer of Upilex®-VT is the same type of BPDA polyimide as our Upilex®-S, which delivers excellent dimensional stability and heat resistance.

* Upisel is a registered trademark in Japan and other countries of sale.
* Upilex is a registered trademark in Japan and other countries of sale.


  • Double-sided type
  • Single-sided type


  • Delivers high reliability due to its non-adhesiveness, because there is no degradation of physical properties like that which arises in the adhesive layer of adhesive materials.
  • Features excellent peeling strength, heat soldering resistance, chemical resistance, and dimensional stability.
  • The polyimide layer of the one-sided type can be thermally bonded with other metals, ceramics, and similar materials.
  • Environmentally friendly because no adhesives are used.


FPC, TCP, MCM-L, COF, rigid-flex boards, multi-layer boards, metal-based boards, high-frequency boards, heat-resistant boards, IC cards, boards for automobiles, and electromagnetic wave shield material.


Test item Test condition Unit Measured value*1 Test method
Peel strength Normal N/mm 1.5 JIS C6471
Method A
After heat test 150°C 1,000 hrs. 1.5
After moist heat test 85°C/85%RH
for 1,000 hrs.
After chemical resistance test 2N-HCl, 23°C,
5 min.
2N-NaOH, 23°C,
5 min.
Dimensional stability After CU etching MD % 0.00 IPC-TM-650 2.2.4 Method B
TD 0.03
After heating to 150°C for 30 min. MD -0.02 IPC-TM-650 2.2.4 Method C
TD 0.02
Solder heat resistance 300°C, 1 min.   No abnormalities JIS C6471
Non-flammability V-0 UL94
Volume resistivity Ω·cm 4×1016 ASTM D257
Surface resistivity Ω 1×1017
Dielectric constant 1kHz   3.2 ASTM D150
Dissipation factor 1kHz   0.004
Breakdown voltage kV 6.9 ASTM D149
Water absorption % 1.1 IPC-TM-650 2.6.2
Tensile modulus GPa 7.2 ASTM D882
Tensile strength MPa 519 IPC-TM-650 2.4.19
Elongation % 106
MIT folding endurance Times >100,000 ASTM D2176
These are typical values for BE1210 (Polyimide film: 25µm, Electrolytic copper foil: 18 µm, two-sided board).


Copper foil thickness
  • Electrolytic copper foil (9, 12, 18 μm)
  • Rolled copper foil (12, 18 μm)
Insulation layer (polyimide) thickness 15, 20, 25, 50 μm
Standard width 250 mm, 500 mm

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