Product Summary

POWERLYTE® is an electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries. For the production, UBE uses highly- purified solvents, such as dimethyl carbonate (DMC), which are manufactured using UBE's proprietary synthesis technology, and adds lithium salts to the above solvents. The feature of UBE’s electrolyte, “Functional Electrolytes” is a combination of a highly purified base electrolytes and additives that control battery performance for specific purposes, including control for the positive/negative electrodes-electrolyte interface and overcharge protection (improved safety), according to customer requirements, and the “Functional Electrolytes” are highly rated in both Japanese and overseas markets.

* POWERLYTE® is a trademark in Japan and other countries of sale.

UBE's electrolytes, and batteries made with these electrolytes, are protected by one or more of the following exclusively licensed United States patents or application listed below. This information is provided in satisfaction of the virtual patent marking provisions pursuant to United States patent laws
(35 U.S.C. §287, as amended).
This list may not be exhaustive: 6,033,809 6,045,945 6,413,678 6,656,642 6,927,001 9,742,033 10,050,307


  • Electrolyte for primary and secondary lithium-ion batteries
  • Electrolyte for capacitors
  • Other uses

UBE owns battery prototyping and evaluation facilities for developing electrolytes and separators, and these facilities are used in developing improved and modified materials, as well as new materials to be proposed for customers.



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* Electrolyte was transferred to “MU Ionic Solutions Corporation (MUIS)” launched on October 1st, 2020, which was formed through an incorporation-type company split jointly effected by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and Ube Industries, Ltd.