U-BE-INFINITY™: UBE Environmentally Friendly Products Brand

U-BE-INFINITY™ | Blooming a sustainable future

You and UBE
will be infinite

At UBE, we are determined to help solve global environmental issues, doing our part to address the challenges they pose to all of human society. Our pledge is to work together with all stakeholders to develop helpful products and technologies, as we live up to our founding principles of “coexistence and mutual prosperity” and “from finite mining to infinite industry.”
In this effort, we will continuously change and adapt in whatever way is needed to help build a truly infinite, sustainable future.


We will help solve global environmental issues by providing innovative products under our environmentally friendly brand, U-BE-INFINITY™. Products and technologies sold under this brand name must pass objective, quantitative evaluations verifying their environmental impact and certifying that they help reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the value chain, conserve resources, and contribute to recycling-oriented society.


Criteria for brand certification: objectivity and level of environmental impact

  1. Products and technologies designed to be environmentally friendly
  2. Objective evaluation
    • Validity of computation methods, suitability as basis for comparison, etc.
  3. Quantitative evaluation of environmental impact
    • Degree of contribution to carbon neutrality & circular economy, etc.
  4. Certification as environmentally friendly brand products

UBE maintains guidelines for certifying products and technologies as environmentally friendly, formulated in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 revised standards. Among the products and technologies that meet these guidelines, those that fulfill the above criteria, which incorporate objective, quantitative evaluations of their environmental impacts, are certified as U-BE-INFINITY™ brand products.

UBE’s Environmental Issues Committee conducts the evaluation and certification processes for the brand with cooperation from Mizuho Research & Technologies, Ltd., an external advisor included to guarantee transparency. The Environmental Issues Committee, which reports to the UBE Group’s Strategic Management Meeting, works to identify global environmental issues and implement relevant countermeasures.


We invited primarily young employees from a wide range of organizations, including European branches, to meet and discuss what course of action UBE ought to take to address the global environmental issues facing human society. They held a series of discussions transcending their different business organizations, jobs, and nationalities.

While it was not always easy to reflect the perspectives and opinions we internally solicited in the new logo design, certification criteria, and so on, we worked hard to put their ideas into actual practice, capturing the vision and aspirations of UBE in establishing this brand.