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"UPIA®" is a complete Polyimide varnish product line based on UBE's "U-varnish" brand, with new performance varnish grades developed from UBE's extensive experience and Superior technology.

Polyimide varnish "UPIA®" is a polyamic acid precursor solution of polyimide (High-performance engineering plastics). It is the base for polyimide coated films which feature non-soluble and non-melting properties, high heat, chemical resistance, and electric insulation properties achieved through high temperature curing and imidization.

Advantage of "UPIA®"

"UPIA®" was created from UBE's unique polyimide synthesis technology which delivers significant advantages.

Advantage of UPIA Original composition polyimide Easy viscosity adjustment Storage stability Non-melting/High heat resistance Resists abrasion/High tensile strength High insulation properties High chemical resistance Broad product line Application/ customization Support

Applications and usage

Seamless belts
High heat-resistant
wire coating materials
High heat-resistant coating

The base material for flexible
solar cells
Heat-resistant paint
Anti-rust paint
Secondary battery
electrode binder
Coating material
Flexible device base
Touch panel base
TFT base

How to Use

Polyimide coating or film is created by applying varnish to various materials and then heating, which removes the solvent and completes the imidization reaction.

How to Use

(1) Usage examples of polyimide coat

Direct polyimide coating creates a polyimide film applying varnish to various materials and then heat curing.
  Ex: Wire coating, coating of metal parts

Polyimide coat obtained by applying to a metal plate, glass or other substrate, which, after heating,is released off and used as a polyimide film.
  Ex: Seamless belt, Flexible device base

Polyimide varnish is used as a mixture with other chemicals.
  Ex: Additives for paste or paint, binder resin

(2) Coating method examples

Coating method examples

Proposed Application and grade

In order to satisfy our customers needs, we recommend the varnish grade which is optimized for the application and targeted end use characteristics. This is based on the many advantages of the standard grades of "UPIA®-AT (U-Varnish-A)"[Normal heat-resistant] and "UPIA®-ST (U-Varnish-S)"[High heat-resistant].

Proposed Application and grade Proposed Application and grade Heat-resistant varnish UPIA-AT High heat-resistant varnish UPIA-ST NMP free varnish UPIA-NF For 2ndary battery binder UPIA-LB