High Purity Chemicals


Boron trichloride

UBE was the first company to produce boron trichloride in Japan, and it is of the highest quality and purity, making a perfect choice for a dry-etching gas for aluminum wires.

Metal organic (MO) compounds

UBE's MO compounds are highly rated for their extremely high purity made possible by our refining, analysis, and handling technology accumulated as a chemical manufacturer.

Metal complex materials for ALD/CVD

UBE has a wide variety of materials ranging from metal materials (Ru, Co, Mn, etc.) used in wires, barriers and electrodes to materials (Al, Mg, Fe, Zn, etc.) for insulation and passivation films.

High-purity aqueous ammonium

UBE's high-purity aqueous ammonium is a high-grade product with virtually no metal ion particles thanks to our integrated manufacturing under stringent quality control that covers everything from raw material refining to manufacturing and packaging.

High-purity nitric acid

UBE's high-purity nitric acid is a highly refined product developed for the electronics industry after accumulating vast amounts of study and research data gathered during manufacturing experiments on a variety of nitric acid products over the years.


This equipment efficiently renders the various toxic gases emitted during the semiconductor manufacturing process chemically and physically harmless.


This equipment efficiently collects large quantities of solids generated in the semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing process. It will have a major positive impact on the manufacturing process, including reduced frequency of pipe maintenance and increased up time.


The odor that results when cleaning chambers is largely the result of toxic gases such as HCl, HF, and Cl2. It worsens the work environment and is a major obstacle to work efficiency. This unit reduces these cases to the threshold limit value (TLV) or lower, thereby improving work efficiency.