Polyolefin microporous film

Product Summary

UPORE® is an essential material for primary and secondary lithium-ion batteries. It has a uniform microporous structure, developed using UBE's proprietary technology, and comes in either single or multi-layer membranes.


  1. Delivers superior solvent and chemical resistance thanks to the use of polyolefin as a raw material.
  2. Manufactured using a dry process (lamellar crystal stretching method) that does not use solvents or inorganic fillers.
  3. Comes in polypropylene or polyethylene mono-layer products, as well as multi-layer products that combine both these materials.
  4. The use of polypropylene and polyethylene layers delivers low-temperature shutdown and high-temperature heat resistance.
  5. No Traverse Direction shrinkage because a uniaxial stretching method is used.
  6. Environmentally-friendly and contaminant-free because a dry manufacturing method is used.
  7. Membrane thickness and permeability can be modified as required by customers.


  • Separators for primary and secondary lithium-ion batteries
  • Microfiltration filters
  • Other uses



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