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MOS-HIGE® is a basic magnesium sulfate inorganic fiber obtained by hydrothermal synthesis using magnesium hydroxide manufactured from sea water and sulfuric acid as raw materials, and the chemical formula is MgSO4・5Mg(OH)2・3H2O. Micro crystalline structure of MOS-HIGE® is whisker with a mean fiber length of 15µm and a mean fiber diameter of 0.5µm.

MOS-HIGE® is easily soluble in body fluid. Even in a case it enters the lung, it is also easily soluble and does not remain. Therefore, MOS-HIGE® is considered to be a very safe whisker. It was confirmed by an inhalation exposure test with animals in 1994 that it has no carcinogenic effects, was also approved by TSCA(Toxic Substances Control Act), permitted for export to the USA. In addition, MOS-HIGE® also passed a safety test in Europe and was registered with REACH in 2008.

Demand of MOS-HIGE® for PP(polypropylene) is growing as automakers strive to reduce the weight of resin materials for vehicle parts and achieve the high rigidity. MOS-HIGE® is also used as a fibrous reinforcing material for paper, gasket, friction materials, and thickener for paint and adhesives etc.

In addition, MOS-HIGE® is used as an alternative to asbestos, as well as an alternative to mineral fibers containing asbestos.

Applications and additional effects

Applications Target Effect
Light weight material PP resin, thermoplastic resin, rubber Lightweight by reduction in filler quantity, improvement of mechanical property(stiffness in particular)and better appearance of molded product, demensional stability
Fibrous reinforcing material Special paper, gasket, friction material Higher safety in comparison with conventional fiber(alternative to asbestoes)
Thickener Interior mortar material, paint adhesive, thermosetting resin Control of flow property by giving thixotropy(pursuit of coasting easiness), ligth weight, high strength, prevention of cracks
Flame-retardant material Paper, resin, rubber, paint etc Flame resisting by desorption(endothermice reaction)of crystal water
Oil absorption material Liquid chemicals Usable as powder by supporting liquid chemicals
Filter material Oil filter, effluent treatment Absorption of fine silica, agglutination of nanoparticles in effluents

Physical properties table

Items Physical property
Fiber length(µm) 8~30
Fiber diameter(µm) 0.5~1.0
Bulk specific gravity Granule:0.2~0.3, Powder:0.04~0.1
Thermal decomposition temperature (℃)
inside of( )represents decomposed matter
True specific gravity 2.3
Specific surface area(m2/g) 7~15
Mohs hardness 2.5
Refractive index 1.53
Whiteness >93
pH 9.5
Solubility(g/L) Water:0.03
Gamble's solution:0.46
Normal saline:0.047


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